The Melliar Unit is rented “as is”.  You are welcome to use all items available to cook, clean clothes etc. as you would at your own home.  No refunds or concession can be given for any breakdowns, or unforeseen circumstances.  The inventory may vary from time to time from the regular advertised brochure.  All efforts are made to ensure that everything is available.  If you have specific requirements appliances etc, that you require to be available you need to ensure this prior to your arrival.  Everything within reason is possible to ensure the comfort of your stay.  

It is the Tenants responsibility to familiarise themselves with the features of the unit, and appliances to ensure that no damage is caused to the property.  Help is available to ensure your stay is relaxed and trouble free.

Reasonable wear and tear is accounted for.  Any breakages, damages and missing items may be deducted from your security deposit.

Due to a constant high demand, a booking fee (security deposit) of 3 weeks minimum rent paid in advance via direct bank deposit is required to secure your booking.   If a cancellation is received within 7 days of the booking, a refund of only 1 week will be reimbursed.  

All rental payments paid weekly in advance via direct bank deposits.  

No provision is made for children on site.  Accommodation is for adults only.

If you open it, please close it.  If you use it, put it away.  If consumables (shower gel, toilet paper, tissues, cleaner, disinfectant, creme cleanser, washing powder, soaker, fabric softener, scourers) run out, If long term tenants, please replace them, or if short term tenants, please let Ken or Anne know, and consumables will be replaced.

Additional domestic items are available at short notice to the owners, e.g. a casserole dish or other items for a meal.

It is the tenants responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the unit.